# Developer for hire

Hi, I'm Mike, and I make things for the web.

I am a passionate Full Stack PHP Web Developer with over 15 years experience creating anything from small websites to large custom web applications.

I enjoy using modern frameworks such as Laravel and VueJs for the majority of my work, but I'm happy to use WordPress, Drupal and other open-source platforms.

What I do...

# design for success

Bespoke, modern responsive web design.

A visually engaging and well thought out user experience can increase conversions and maximise the potential of your website.

Enhance the user experience through design.

Great website design isn't just about looks (although it is important!). Modern web design takes a minimalist approach, focusing on engaging content, clear call-to-action and the use of whitespace.

Responsive web design
Content management systems

With mobile devices making up over 50% of internet traffic it is important to take a "mobile first approach" to website design. Responsive websites can adapt to varying screen sizes to ensure the user experience is consistent across devices.

Bespoke design

I don't use templates or website builders. I enjoy creating bespoke, clean and professional looking websites for clients, utilising the latest CSS frameworks and trends. I'm not afraid of using free illustrations like the ones on this website (provided by unDraw), to add to the visual appeal.

Explore the users journey
Data analysis

Focusing on streamlining the users journey on your website can drastically reduce bounce rates and improve conversion and engagement. I can help plan each step in the journey to ensure your users get to where you want them to be, whether that's to the checkout or signing up for your mailing list.

# Development

Build the tools you need.

You don't have to settle for off-the-shelf software that doesn't quite suit your needs. Building a solution to match your specifications can be a lot more affordable than you think.

What can a web developer help me with?

As a web developer I can help streamline your business, automate complex processes, empower your employees with the tools they need and save you money. Here are just a few examples:

Content management systems (CMS)
Content management systems

Create a content management system tailored to your needs to allow you to create and manage content on your website, without sacrificing performance and security.

Selling things online (E-Commerce)

Build an online store designed around your business. Need to connect to third-party supplier API's for product feeds? No problem! Maybe you need a reservation or booking system? I've got you covered! There's nothing we can't build together.

Data analysis & process automation
Data analysis

Display data and reports to analyse your business and gain a greater understanding of performance and trends. Whether you need to run reports on your database, perform business specific tasks or automate certain processes, a bespoke web app can be a valuable tool for your business.

# Portfolio

Things I've built.

For the last 7 years I've been focused on developing for my own business - building a comparison and booking engine for airport parking, airport lounges and airport hotels.

I've thrown in various smaller sites and side projects along the way. Take a look at some examples below...

Sky Parking Services

This project started out as a comparison and booking website for airport parking, back in 2014. Focusing on Manchester Airport initially, we soon expanded and added products for all major UK airports, including airport lounges and hotels.

Key features

  • Quote and booking engine for airport parking, lounges and hotels.
  • External supplier product integration for Holiday Extras, FHR, APH, Maple Parking & No1 Lounges.
  • Bespoke content management and blog.
  • Administration and management dashboard with analytics and reporting.
  • Customer portal for managing and amending bookings.
  • Discount and promotion management including Groupon and Wowcher code imports.

# Let's talk

Let's work together

I'd love to discuss your next project with you, so please get in touch using this form or by pinging me an email.

Email me - hello@mikeo.co.uk

# More about me

My name is Michael O'Connor and I'm currently based in the north west of England, in Lancashire. I am passionate about coding, love learning new skills and tinkering with new tools and frameworks to increase my knowledge. When I'm not working I enjoy playing golf, going for walks and spending time with my family.

# Availability

I am currently available for short and long term projects, on a remote basis - I am willing to travel to clients for meetings, when required.

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